What we do

At kcini.com we provide 2 main services:

We generally work with either multinational organisations working on enterprise-wide business transformation projects that are typically rolled out over a number of months, either directly at the end client or through a preferred supplier, charging at a daily rate. 


Directly with small to medium sized companies, usually in their first years of business, charging at an hourly rate.


Software Implementation

We have been involved in all areas of software implementation including:
  • Initiation, procurement, software and vendor selection and the creation of business case​
  • Planning and scoping a project​
  • Designing a solution
  • Testing including User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • Training, roll-out to production and business change

IT And Business Consulting 


Our Key Functions are:

Business Transformation including:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM), we specialise in CRM and have worked on a number of high profile multi-million pound CRM projects in various sectors including telecommunications, charity, publishing and media.

We have experience of a number of CRMs including on-premise solutions such as Oralce Siebel and Software as a Service vendors such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dyanmics 365.  Having worked on many different projects we have broad experience in many areas of business including sales, customer service, ​fulfilment and marketing.  

Specifically we have many years of experience in Marketing including all the latest developments in Marketing Automation (MA) and have a mix range of experience with several products including Eloqua/Oracle Marketing, Silverpop and Exact Target/Salesforce.com Marketing Cloud. 

Project Management

We have experience of working with a variety of methodologies.  Our principal consultant has completed Prince2 Project Management courses and is a certified SCRUM Master, hence is well versed in both traditional waterfall and agile project management.

Process re-engineering

We have worked with various clients creating “as is” process documentation as well as “to be” processes to be rolled out.  This has included executing process harmonisation across many regions onto one set of processes as well as optimisation using various technics including SixSigma and Lean