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Case Studies

At we have been offering IT Consultancy specifically in the CRM arena for over a decade.  In these pages you will find some of the experiences we have had over they years.  We are never sure what information you can and cannot share therefore we have withheld the names of the organisations we have done business with but giving them a cunning title inspired by Friends.

The One with the Change Consultancy was brought in to assist a niche Change Consultancy with the analysis and review of a high profile Charities Email Service Provider (ESP).  We quickly established that the cloud based ESP was a failing software which was going through major rebuild meaning customers of this product were experiencing major outages.  A review of the “as is” processes revealed that the ESP formed a critical part of the Digital Fundraising donations.  The risk was clear, stay with this software and potentially lose millions of pounds in donations if it was to fail at the point of a critical emergency campaign. swiftly understood not only the current requirements but also the direction the charity wanted to go and pushed the business to make a decision on whether to stay with a basic Email Service Provider or instead move to a more forward-thinking Marketing Automation solution.  Technologies and partners were brought in via a Request for Information (RFI) process.

Several ESP and Marketing Automation technologies were handpicked and reviewed in detail.  Finally we made a recommendation to go with Salesforce Marketing Cloud based on the range and breath of functionality to enable not only traditional “batch and blast” email campaigns but also multi-channel multi-step marketing to allow the organisation to grow its desire of further developing personalisation to allow the correct person to get the best message at the right time. The implementation of Salesforce Marketing Cloud was quick with the only sticking point being the IP warming.  The solution was delivered to two separate divisions on time and on budget.

The One for the environmental start up 

At we like to take what we have learnt on the large multinational projects and see if we can apply similar learning to smaller projects and organisations.

Think particular project was to do a blanket review of a small but growing environmental start up company that needed it’s processes and systems reviewed.  We spent a small amount of time reviewing the “as is” before making some tactical and strategic recommendations which helped the organisation grow.Not the most profitable bit of business we have done but it did make us feel warm and fussy inside.

The One where we rescued the project arrived at this central London corporation that provided computer-assisted legal research to be greeted with a failing CRM implementation.

Working with the existing CRM implementation partner plus resources from several different consultancies we quickly established that the proposed functional and technical design for the key Sales and Marketing UK business was incorrect. 

After spending some time with the stakeholders it quickly became apparent that several areas of the project had failed in terms of requirements gathering, business architecture and functional design.  We reviewed the products that were due to be migrated and managed to simplify the migration while agreeing a new Opportunity to Order process that closely mimicked the out of the box functionality.  A lot of the proposed customisation was removed.

We then worked with the business and development teams to develop the CRM until it was ready to show case to the business.  The Sales team who were notoriously difficult to please seemed to warm to the new pipeline functionality happily able to see the benefits of a fully automated Sales process including state of the art reporting.

The functionality was trialled with the Top Tier Sales teams who worked on the largest most complex accounts.  As we were able to please the most difficult teams it meant the role out to the teams dealing with less complex customers was smooth.

As always data migration was a challenge like many other projects finding people in the business to make decisions on data is always tuff. also managed the full analysis, design and roll out of the related Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence solution.The project was delivered on time.  

The One that was really testing

Our first Not for Profit (NfP) experience was on possibly the largest UK CRM implementation ever.  We started as a small cog in a larger project mainly executing functional testing scripts on the core Campaign Management functionality but were soon recognised as a key resource and moved on to own and run the key User Acceptance Testing (UAT) function.  During this time we worked with the business to develop, test and manage UAT and day in the life testing across various Fundraising and Financial processes.  The breath of the functionality covered Campaign & Events Management, Contact & Account Management, Donations Management and Gift Aid.This CRM programme was a huge programme of work, the likes that had never been seen in the NfP sector before and potentially never will again.  Although we started there in a fairly junior position (at the time post recessions consultancies were taken any work they could!), our consultants soon proved their worth and by the end where viewed as a key member of the programme.

The One in Kenya 

The year is 2008 and it’s first year in business.  Back in those days mobile phones were still mobile but not particularly smart.  We were contracted to assist in implementing a CRM for one of Africa’s largest Telecoms companies through a Portuguese consultancy.

During this project our principal consultant spent time in Nairobi and Lisbon working through a traditional waterfall process to implement an on-premise CRM which focused on Order Management with a particular focus on product configuration and pricing.  We worked with various Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to understand the end user experience and translated this into a number of functional design documents that were the input for the technical development.  

The project was ultimately successful in spite of the mega global recession that occurred during implementation.