where we have come from

Started in 2008, the company has worked on several large IT Transformation projects in Europe, North America and Africa. Our core business and most of our experience is within the UK with a heavy London focus. 

Marketing Automation

Sending the best message at the right time

Over the years we have diversified our company.  Initially we worked with large multi-national organisations, which is still the majority of our business. However, we came to understand the experience gained from large organisations can be applied to smaller organisations, hence we have two aspects to our business:

  • Working on larger long term IT or business transformation projects


A successful future

At kcini.com we believe that the key to business transformation is having a strong, agreed understanding of the overall strategy and goals upfront.  Understanding this from the beginning saves effort and allows all resources to focus on what needs to be done.  We also believe that change is a big part of any business or industry, so any plans or items agreed at the start of a project are subject to change based on real world changes.  Finding this balance is key to the successful transformation of any organisation.

  • Consulting with small to medium sized organisations


Knowing your Customers

IT And Business Consulting